"She is, truly, the beautiful flower that blooms of the Mononobe family"

Name: Mononobe Yukari (物 部 ゆ か り)

Age: 13

Gender: Girl

Date and Place of Birth: Osaka, 7th of October 2002

Height: 151cm (4'11 ")

Weight: 43kg

School and grade: Tateyama Public Middle School, grade 2-2

Note: She is Japanese-Indonesian


あの女の子は暴力的な死として生まれた〜道化師さんの門戸 (That girl was born as a violent death ~ A clown's door)

Appearance  Edit

Yukari has black hair and long up to the butt. Her eyes were black. She was the shortest and second lightest in her class. Her skin was pale as a corpse. Yukari's lips are red since she was born. She always looks like she's bored, although sometimes not. Her eyes are usually half opened. Judging by her looks, she is very frail and beautiful.

Personality and traits  Edit

Yukari is described as being gentle at heart and an understanding person. Despite being a mature girl, she is sometimes rude without realizing it, just like the most of her classmates. She might look like a mean, bored looking person. But once you know her, she is actually a nice person.

She is generally a playful and easygoing girl. She’s very kind and always lets people see her homework. She's also popular among girls because of her down-to-earth, charismatic, and loving personality. She lives for the enjoyment of life and always looks for fun. She sometimes spacing out.

She is actually a quiet and introverted person, sometimes prefers lives in her own world and stays quiet. She is very lazy and loves to goof off, but sometimes can be serious, despite being the chief of the student council. She is very relaxed and always knows to calm herself and the others down.

Despite being lazy, she never study at home, but if she has to, she’ll do it for 10 minutes. But she always got good grades and if someone asks her secret, she’ll always say that she’s doing it by luck.

She usually borrows people’s textbooks for the reason she has a student council meeting or she is being lazy to write that time and she’ll do it at home.

She is also known to be old fashioned and traditional sometimes.She knows her family's history and knows a lot about Japanese traditions. She also knows how to use kimono and sometimes assists her friends to use them. She loves writing Japanese calligraphy.

She has a lot sense of humor and Yukari has the most funniest laugh, because she laugh like a baby.

About her name  Edit

Her full name is Mononobe Yukari (物 部 ゆ か り). The name Mononobe (物 部) is the name of one member of the clan of Japan. The name Yukari (ゆ か り) could mean Violet.